Movie Content Plus Entertainment ALICE IN BORDERLAND The Joker Card Explained | What It REALLY Means For The Ending & Season 3

ALICE IN BORDERLAND The Joker Card Explained | What It REALLY Means For The Ending & Season 3

ALICE IN BORDERLAND The Joker Card Explained | What It REALLY Means For The Ending & Season 3 Theories. We review, recap, breakdown and explain Alice In Borderland Season 2’s ending. We explain who the Joker is, the character in the Manga and what this means for the end scene.

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Ok so Alice In Borderland Season 2 ends on a big cliffhanger and us getting focus on a major card. If you’ve read the manga that the series is based on then you’ll know this actually holds a lot of significance. Not only does it explain who really runs the game but it also basically tells us why the entire thing was set up in the first place.

Throughout this video I wanna go through what the Joker card is, how it can close off the season and how it can also be used to set up a season 3 if they decide to go that route.

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Now in order to talk about the card itself we first have to talk about what Borderlands are. In the finale we discover that Tokyo was actually hit by a meteorite and this had a massive impact explosion that destroyed the centre of the city. Several people were killed during this and in the source material we discover that a lot of chunks from the meteor came off and they hit people. This is what sent them into the alternate world though here they just simplify it and make it so that it’s just one big event.

Now this was a massive loss of life over a seemingly random event.

This is where the Joker comes into it. First introduced in chapter 63 this is fittingly called Joker. Though we don’t learn too much about him as he only appears for a couple of pages, there is enough there to piece together exactly what he is. Now he appears right after the Queen is killed like what we see in the show. This happens after the croquet game which is beautifully recaptured in the series.

The fireworks go off and then all the players are given the choice to return to the real world or they can remain behind in Borderland and go through the games once more. At this point Arisu sits down at the Queens table and he sees a dark figure sitting opposite him. There is a joker card in front and the pair have a conversation that reveals everything.

Arisu asks who he is and he assumes that he’s the ruler over all of Borderland. The Joker replies by saying ‘do I look like a devil or do I look like a God’

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