Movie Content Plus Entertainment ALICE IN BORDERLAND King Of Spades Explained | Origin Story Breakdown And What His Vision Meant

ALICE IN BORDERLAND King Of Spades Explained | Origin Story Breakdown And What His Vision Meant

ALICE IN BORDERLAND King Of Spades Explained | Origin Story Breakdown And What His Vision Meant. We review, recap, breakdown and explain Alice In Borderland Season 2’s ending. We explain who the King Of Spades Is is, the character in the Manga, his origin and what his vision means.

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Alright so The King Of Spades is arguably the big bad of Alice In Borderland Season 2 and he’s by far the face card who does the most damage to those stuck in the game. Though Mira is the one that the players face last, The King definitely feels like this biggest threat but he also remains the biggest mystery.

Whereas the other Kings and Queens spend time introducing themselves and talking to the players, the King keeps himself to himself. The only thing that we really learn about him is the vision that we see him having as a younger man that appears on screen for a split second.

Because of this you might be wondering what that’s all about and who he is.

Luckily the manga fills it in and in this video we’re gonna be breaking down his backstory to give you a better idea about who he is.

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With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into the breakdown.

Alright so The King Of Spades is actually a man known as Isao Shirabi. He first debuted in chapter 32 of the Manga and he appeared similar to how he did in Season 2. However, whereas in that he just showed up and started shooting people, the manga played it slightly differently. The blimps appeared and the characters started to investigate them with one going out to scout the area and see what they are. Through binoculars they looked over the blimps and spot the Kings one. After looking at the area they got a glimpse of a scope flash and before they could even move a sniper bullet struck them, introducing the King in a big bad way.

From this point onwards he started indiscriminately taking people out which is sort of mirrored in the show.

In the series he uses an Anti-Tank rifle at the beginning which is complete overkill.

You see, unlike the other face cards the King Of Spades has complete jurisdiction over Borderland. Whereas they are stationary and restricted to a certain area, he has free roam turned on and can show up anywhere on the map at random.

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