AHSOKA – THRAWN’S Plan and Nightsister Alliance EXPLAINED

AHSOKA - THRAWN'S Plan and Nightsister Alliance EXPLAINED

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Thrawn’s finally coming! What’s his plan for the Star Wars galaxy? How have Morgan Elsbeth, the Nightsisters, and Darth Maul been key to his plan all along? Is Ezra Bridger with him? We have it all figured out.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (https://pavel8866.wixsite.com/pavelt) pavel8866@gmail.com
Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)

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Thrawn is finally coming. The bad guys just won. The Eye of Sion is on its way to another galaxy to bring the long-lost grand admiral back from exile.
But what is awaiting them in the new galaxy? Who lives there? What dangers will they face?
And what was Thrawn doing there all this time? Lost for over a decade in a distant and strange galaxy, there has to be some great story there.
And don’t forget, Thrawn isn’t alone, he’s with Ezra Bridger, the Jedi who sent him there. How does he fit into what’s happening in the new galaxy?
So let’s dive into what awaits us when we arrive in the new galaxy, and what Thrawn has been up to all these years.
In the second episode, Morgan Elsbeth revealed that Thrawn was exiled to a planet called Peridea, located in a distant galaxy.
He was sent there over a decade earlier by Ezra. The guy Sabine wants to bring back so much, that she betrays Ashaoka and joins Baylan and Shin. Can’t really blame her, though, Baylan is awesome.
Ezra got help from the Purrgil, and he sent himself and Thrawn to the distant galaxy.
Now according to Morgan Elsbeth, an ancient people from the distant galaxy visited the main Star Wars galaxy long ago. They built these ruins on Seatos, and probably other places like these and left clues to their home galaxy.
The star map orb might have been created by Elsbeth’s people, the nightststers.
Of course, it’s not a map to Thrawn himself. He was gone for only a few years, this map was created a long time ago. It points to the planet Peridea in the distant galaxy.
Doug: So what’s so special about this planet
We will circle back to it, but Thrawn is there, and he’s somehow communicating with Morgan from the distant galaxy.
Doug: distant galaxy, new galaxy, old galaxy. Who’s galaxy is it anyway? You keep talking about galaxies with no names
You’re right, they should really give these galaxies some names. So let’s call the new galaxy…. Peridea. And the main Star Wars galaxy…. Skylaxy.
[Because, you know…. Skylaxy, like Skywalker and galaxy…. Skywalker Galaxy….. it should be canon.

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