AHSOKA: The NEW GALAXY Villains, Explained – EZRA and Fallen Order CONNECTIONS!

AHSOKA: The NEW GALAXY Villains, Explained - EZRA and Fallen Order CONNECTIONS!

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Ahsoka Episodes 1 and 2 teased a huge mystery–beings who reside in another galaxy, that are giving quarter to Grand Admiral Thrawn. But if you look close, you’ll see connections to Fallen order, the Night Sisters of Dathomir, the Zeffo–and lore that goes all the way back to the Syar Wars Legends Novels. We have a theory that ties everything together.

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Written by Colton Ogburn (https://twitter.com/ColtonOgburn)
Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Brianna McLarty

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in the two episode premiere of Ahsoka we learned of the existence of an ancient people from another galaxy–which is huge for the future of the Star Wars saga. So I have a theory on who these ancient people are, and how they connect not only to Grand Admiral Thrawn, but Darth Maul, Asajj Vintress, and the Jedi fallen Order games. And we need to discuss how these ancient outsiders could serve as the big bads for the upcoming Rey trilogy. [clip, Oh this is going to be good]

After retrieving the map to Thrawn, we see Baylan and Shin bring it to Morgan Elsbeth–this lady from The Mandalorian. [clip, Show Elsbeth fighting Ahsoka and then Ahsoka asking where is Grand Admiral Thrawn]

Now Ahsoka finds this map in the ruins of what appears to be a former Nightsisters temple, aka The Witches of Dathomir–more on them in a bit.

This map leads directly to Thrawn and therefore could also lead to Ezra. The two have been missing since the season finale of Star Wars Rebels, which takes place a few years prior to the Ahsoka series.

In Rebels we saw Ezra and Thrawn get shot into hyperspace via Purgill. Purgill’s are these huge space whales with long tentacles that are able to travel at light speed. [clip]

If you haven’t seen Rebels, you may still recognize Purgill’s from this scene in The Mandalorian. [clip]

Okay so at the other stone temple ruins on a planet Baylan refers to as “Seatos” [clip]

We hear Baylan ask Elsbeth who built the temple, citing that it wasn’t the work of the jedi. [clip]

Elsbeth says that the temple was built by a race of ancient people from distant galaxies. Now when I heard the words “an ancient people from distant galaxy” in relation to Grand Admiral Thrawn, my mind immediately jumped to Yuuzhan Vong.

The Yuuzhan Vong are a race of ancient aliens from beyond the Star Wars galaxy. Thrawn’s species, the Chiss, referred to them as “the far outsiders.” The Yuuzhan Vong were zealots who despised mechanized technology. In Legends material they invaded The Galaxy and killed hundreds of trillions of people in their war with the New Republic. And what made them all the more terrifying was that they were unable to be detected via the force.

Now the Yuuzhan Vong have never officially been introduced into Star Wars canon. But they’ve seemingly been replaced with a new similar species that is canon called the Greek.

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Like in Legends, we’ve heard Thrawn discuss the great threat the Greek could pose to the Empire and the Galaxy as a whole, the same as the Yuzhan Vong.

But I personally don’t think the Yuuzhan Vong or the Greek will be the ancient people Elsbeth is referring to. The way she speaks of these ancient people sounds like she has great admiration for them. Almost like an ancestral bond.

We learned in these first two episodes that Morgan is actually a Nightsister of planet Dathomir. [clip] The Nightsisters are an ancient clan of magic wielding force users.

Doug: Magic? I love magic!

Well it’s actually magic with a k. It’s a form of sorcery that is heavily connected to the darkside of the force, and most associated with the Nightsisters.

When Ahsoka was in the former Nightsister temple, she rotated these pillars resulting in glowing orbs and the retrieval of the star map leading to Thrawn.

This scene is very reminiscent of Kal’s quest in the ancient Zeffo temple in Jedi Fallen Order. [clip]

Doug: The what-o?

The Zeffo, another ancient race of aliens that actually had a strong connection to the force and were eventually corrupted by the darkside–which caused them to basically go extinct. But we’re going to dive into their history and connection to the Nightsisters a little later in the video.

But for now I’ll just say that this connection between the Nightsisters and the Zeffo could mean we’re getting some ancient alien material after all. [clip, ALIENS! History channel guy]

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