AHSOKA Review – Is the STAR WARS Show Off to a Bad Start?

AHSOKA Review - Is the STAR WARS Show Off to a Bad Start?

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Ahsoka’s first 2 episodes set up several mysteries and tease the returns of Thrawn and Ezra Bridger–but is the show too complex for your average Star Wars fan? If you haven’t seen Star Wars Rebels, can you even understand it? We discuss.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Brianna McLarty

Heather Antos https://twitter.com/HeatherAntos
Meghan O’Keefe https://twitter.com/megsokay

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I have some thought son this show–mostly I think it;s pretty good, but I Do have some problems. And a little later, I’m going to be joined by two fellow star wars nerds, Heather antos and meaghan O’keefe, but first, here’s my take.

Now, my issues with this show mostly stem from the problems I have with star wars rebels–and also, some bad things that I see happening in other star wars shows. But first, let’s celebrate the many good things about this show.

The show really does feel like a continuation of the clone wars and star wars rebels–in one scene it is literally animation brought to life. So it brought me back to my childhood, just eating cereal and watching saturday morning cartoons and eating cereal.

That o-pening sequence is awesome. The late ray stevenson has been underused by hollywood for YEARS–remember, this is how he left the mcu [clip]. And in this opening he gives the perfect blend of ferocity and also, tenderness [clip, being nice]. I love the mysteries built into this show–who are these two. Where is Thrawn, why did Ahsoka walk away from sabine?

We also don;lt know who is in this other galaxy–it is very rare for me to not know what is going to happen in star wars, and I have no idea where this show is going. That is very exciting.

Like, I thought that they were going to be exploring the unknown regions, running tino the sith cult, the chiss, all the stuff that’s touched on in the books. But we are going to a whole new galaxy, where there are no Jedi, no witch–and this opens up so many new stories for other creators to tell. And we don;t know how the new galaxy connects to the night sisters, thrawn, the purgill. As someone who devours the canon, this is like endless dessert to me.

Doug: I have no idea what any of those words you just said mean.

Yes Doug, that’s right. The composer of this series, kevin kiner has been putting together an amazing body of work for years–scoring shows like Clone wars, bad batch, rebels and several other live action series–but this is first time getting to score a live action star war. I love how he weaves in the old themes of rebels and the clone wars.

Also, you guys–we are getting to see the post-return of the Jedi era. The amndlor9an played around the edges of the galaxy, but now we are at the center. Hera is on Home one, ackbar’s ship from Return of the jedi! The various threads of the Star Wars galaxy from the prequels and clone wars are finally coming together with the original trilogy.

And the lightsaber fights are beautifully choreographed. Like the prequels were precisely choreographed, and the original trilogy were kind of raw, but the fights in this serie slang somewhere in between. I’m actually looking forward to hearing what Heather says about that later, because she’s a huge fighting style nerd. Peat cereal]

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Now back to ahsoka–I want to talk about some of my reservations with this series. For one, that sabine is now a jedi padawan. The show rebels never gave us an inkling that she is remotely force sensitive. In fact, her lack of force sensitivity is what made it so hard for kanan to train her to use the darksaber [clip].

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