AHSOKA – Every Clue that SABINE was FORCE SENSITIVE, All Along

AHSOKA - Every Clue that SABINE was FORCE SENSITIVE, All Along

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Ahsoka revealed in its first two episodes that Sabine was Ahsoka’s padawan learner. So is she Force Sensitive? We combed through very episode of Star Wars Rebels and found hidden clues to coinfirm this!

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (https://pavel8866.wixsite.com/pavelt) pavel8866@gmail.com
Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)

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So what’s the deal with Sabine Wren? Is she a Jedi or not?

In the first two episodes of Ahsoka, we see Sabin Wren using a lightsaber, and there are some hints of her being force-sensitive.

Sabine was Ahsoka’s apprentice, though it’s unclear what Ahsoka was teaching her exactly.
Hera and Huyang keep naggin Ahsoka to continue training Sabine. And she held her own against Shin Hati, a highly skilled force user.

But Sabine apparently has a very weak connection to the force, and she didn’t display any force abilities…. or did she?

Ahsoka is clearly hinting at Sabine possibly being force-sensitive. So we have to explain what’s going on with Sabine, is she force sensitive or are we being deceived?

So is Sabine a Mandalorian Jedi? Let’s find out.

Now let’s start with the second episode because we sort of get an answer right away.

When Sabine talks with Huyang, he basically tells her that she ain’t got the Midi-chlorians to be a Jedi. [clip]

Doug: So she isn’t a Jedi then?

Well, she ain’t a Jedi for sure. But there is a galaxy-sized difference between being a Jedi and force-sensitive. All Jedi use the force, but not all force users are Jedi.

Huyang is a droid who trained countless Jedi younglings in the past thousand generations. He knows best. So I guess that settles it then…. or maybe not.

Huyang is like this old wise master. He doesn’t simply teach, he also mentors the Jedi.
Most of the younglings he trained were very young, meaning they were most open to learning.

He knows that Sabine is very stubborn and rebellious. And as an adult, it’s much harder for her to reach into the force.

So Huyang might be doing some reverse psychology here, telling her something she can’t do, knowing that she will do the opposite just to prove him wrong.

[This is a joke] I mean, she gets stabbed in the belly by a lightsaber, and she’s fine.
Only force-sensitive people can survive that.

Well unless you’re Qui-gon…

But in all seriousness, Huyang is constantly trying to convince Ahsoka to train Sabine. Why nag a Jedi master to train someone who cannot use the force?

The show reveals that after the ending of Rebels, Ahsoka took Sabine as her apprentice.

But we don’t know why would Ahsoka take Sabine as an apprentice if she cannot use the force?

It’s one thing for Din Djarin to teach Grogu the Mandalorian ways. But to be a Jedi, you need…. you know, you need to use the force.

As far as her low aptitude for the force, that’s because Sabine is a Mandalorian, but more on that in a bit.

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