AHSOKA Episode 5 BREAKDOWN – Every STAR WARS Easter Egg

AHSOKA Episode 5 BREAKDOWN - Every STAR WARS Easter Egg

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Brianna McLarty, and Ethan Lavinsky

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Can you believe that episode!? Man there was so much fanservice there for clone wars and rebels fans, but I LOVED how the episode brought Ahsoka through a spiritual journey that actually changed her. She is now…Ahsoka the white.nj

I cannot wait to break this video down for you, explain the weird spirit realm Ahsoka was in, and talk about how all of this sets up the force awakens and ties together so many eras of star wars. But first, I am so excited to announce something to you guys. We have made these new designs for our merch store that I think you are going to love.

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We have so much fun designing these shirts for you guys, and if you’re able to support our channel by purchasing one, we appreciate it. The link is in the description, screencrush merch dot com. So let’s talk about this episode.

First of all, notice that the map to Peridia’s core is composed of gears–making it feel like this is indeed a very ancient map, made from ancient technology. Now in the first episode, I outlined how the map and the chamber Ahsoka found resembled the zeffo temple in the game’s fallen order. Now the zeffo are an ancient race of force wielders, whose civilization collapsed because of–basically the dark side.

In the game, you have to move these giant orbs and make the temple light up–similar to what ashiok do in the night sister temple. The temple is also filled with ancient movable parts, like its run on gears. Making me think of the ancient people who built this map, the people who followed the purgill routes to begin–they might just have been zeffo. And like we theorized in past videos, maybe when the zeffo civilization fell, they became the nightsisters of dathomir.

Doug: That’s a good theory person.

Thanks man. Then Hera lands the ghost on the surface, and man, I am still buzzin gover getting to see these animated shows in live action. Seeing the ghost, or the wa chopper’s annoying little head bobbles around like in the show–it’s just so cool. They even did this extra work on Hera’s lekku–her head tails–notice how the twitch involuntarily. Its little details, like this that really bring the galaxy to life.

Huyang is carting Sabine’s helmet–which I’m sure will be returned to her dramatically at once point, as she re-embraces her mandalorian heritage. Butfor now, he is just sad robot [clip]

The title of the episode is shadow warrior, which has a few different meanings. One, obviously, it points to Anakin–who was consumed by a shadow of the dark side when he became darth vader. But it also refers to Ahsoka herself. The challenges she confronts in the spirit realm are as much about confronting her own demons.

Ahsoka has lived with trauma and survivir;s guilt for her entire life. She blames herself for Anakin’s fall, and the fall of the jedi order. [I walked away from him] Her spiritual experience was about purging that guilt from her soul. So at the end of the experience, we see her f=reflection–her shadow self, merge into her, and they become one.

Doug: Yeah, I did not get that whole thing. What the heck was going on there?

Well, first of all

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So back to Ahsoka.

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So, I know most of us are fans of the show Star Wars Rebels, but for those of you who haven;t watched the show yet, I want to give you a very brief TL;DR on this world between worlds. In the show Rebels, a few months before Luke entered the saga, a young jedi named Ezra discovers this portal to a place that’s [clip].

When he entered, he heard voices from the prequels [clip]. And from the original trilogy and sequel trilogy [clip]. So this is like the crossroads of the force, where all of time and space intersect==like we see in this episode.

Ezra meets a force owl named Morai.

Doug: Who’s that?

Well, as Ezra says [clip]. Now the entrance to the world between worlds was a portal of three force beings called the father, brother, and sister. And these figures appear throughout jedi lore–because, as sbine explains them [clip]

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