AHSOKA Episode 4 Review – WHAT’S NEXT!?

AHSOKA Episode 4 Review - WHAT'S NEXT!?

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Brianna McLarty
Colton Ogburn (https://twitter.com/ColtonOgburn)
Dodson Seitz https://twitter.com/BaneWruse

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This was pretty great. I’ve got some nitpicks and some theories, and later on I’ll talk to Dodson Seitz and Colton Ogburn for their thoughts–and I gotta tell you this episode brings back one of my least favorite things in Star Wars I’ll talk about in a bit. And I’ve got some theories on where we’re going to go from here.

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So I felt like this episode and episode 3 really should have been one episode. Both were a half hour long and told a pretty incomplete story. Episode 3 was about Sabine and Ahsoka starting off at a low point and coming to work together, while this episode was the falling action. They begin together, but then are ripped apart.

I loved how this episode had an actual theme of attachment/. Ahsoka warns Sabine that sometimes she has to lose what she wants for the greater good [clip]. Which sets up her choice to find Ezra over keeping Thrawn away from the galaxy.

But this theme also resonates with hooks, who still feels guilt and attachment to Anakin over her role in his fall. She was disowned by the jedi council, which drove Anakin to mistrust the jedi council, which led to his fall. And Anakin is the poster boy for not attaching himself too much to others, because his love for Padme led to him turning to the dark side.

Even Hera’s small story over two episodes shows this theme of attachment, where she is willing to disobey orders to help her friends–which is a watered down version of Anakin’s turn to the dark side.

And as a star wars fan who devours every second of this universe there were so many rewards here. Like how the runes in the credits translate into star wars planets, and even this one in the map translates to occlusion zone, which is where the nihil live in the high republic novels.

So back to the connections to the wider universe in this episode. Seeing Hera with Carson Teva, Sabione using the Force, and that ending. That. Ending. For Clone Wars fans, Anakin and Ahsoka sporty is so tragic. From the moment we met her, we knew their friendship was going to end poorly, and the way they evolved over the years… [magento, perfection].

And I just love that we’re able to see these people from different eras from different media meet each other. Like that scene in Book of Boba Fett where Luke meets Ahsoka, is amazing. Hearing Ahsoka say [I’m a friend of the family]. That’s the stories that I’ve wanted to see since I was a kid. Luke rebuilding the Jedi order, all of that.

Doug: I mean, instead we’re doing this, but I Know what you mean.

The lightsaber fights were fine–but I think they got progressively better. In our easter egg video I talked about how the volume is great for visuals, but limits action. The fight in the woods takes place in front of the woods–I like the forest fight between Rey and Kylo Ren, which is more raw and tactile. Or even compare it to Andor, which used all practical sets and felt more groitty and immersive.

But the fight between Babylon and Ahsoka was top notch, with the two of them adapting different forms to gain an advantage.

And I love that Sabine chose her attachment over the mission, because it’s so in keeping with her character. We’ve got a real empire strikes back ending here, with one character held captive by the bad guys, and another character facing a major identity crisis. Hell, this is a literal cliffhanger ending.

So as a Star Wars fan, I am excited.

Doug: What about the Marrok reveal? That was lame.

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