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Ahsoka Episode 4 ends on a massive cliffhanger–Ahsoka re-enters the World Between Worlds and meets her former master, Anakin Skywalker. In this video, we break down the lore in the Clone Wars and Rebels that led us to this point, and talk about where we go from here. This could set up the BIGGEST Star Wars crossover of all time.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
With Theories By Colton Ogburn (https://twitter.com/ColtonOgburn)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Brianna McLarty

#Ahsoka #Anakin #EndingExplained

This ending gives us a flipping awesome reunion between Ahsoka and Anakin Skywalker [hello snips]. But it does it in the weirdest, most controversial part of star wars this side of the last Jedi. Guy trapped in tV…doug…Welcome to: the world between worlds. [show Ahsoka looking, set to jurassic park music]

So I’m going to explain this ending, the lore, and how all of this sets up a meeting between Anakin and Luke Skywalker.

Doug: Now that sounds cool.

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So, the most important thing about this scene is that is going to help Ahsoka deal with her childhood trauma of the clone wars,and the guilty she feels for walking away form Anakin and the Jedi order decades ago [i walked away from Anakin]

So here’s where we are. Ahsoka is fighting Baylon Skoll, and falls off a cliff. Later we see the c’off form overhead, and it’s clear there‘s no way she could have survived that fall.

But first, I’m gonna explain all of the weird lore from the animated shows that led us to this moment. So, there is a three episode arc of the excellent clone wars series where Obi wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka travel to a force world called mortis. And when they’re there, they encounter 3 beings that are seemingly made of the force–the brother who represents the dark side, thes sister who represents the good, and the father who balances the 2. The sister also has an owl called Morai that follows her around.

So the father knows that he is going to die soon, so he wants Anakin to take his place as the one who can balance the force. The brother kills Ahsoka, then mortally wounds his sister with a special force dagger. Then Anakin channels the sister’s life force into ahsoka. So after this, Ahsoka has an attachment to the force owl Morai. Basically, all of this means that Ahsoka has the spirit of a very strong force within her–and she is being watched over by a magic bird.

Now these three beings were essentially like force gods. We’ve seen other disliked force beings before, like the Bendu in rebels [clip]. [hold fum] So Ahsoka has the spirit and power of one of these force gods inside of her.

Now that you’re caught up on all that backstory, let’s talk about what the heck this place actually is. Ezra finds himself on this path in the middle of a void, with different roads leading to different gateways. And notice how he hears voices from the past and future–with a sound bite form Kylo Ren mixed in there [clip]. This is because this world is like a way station where you can access different points in space and time–similar to hyperspace travel.

Each gateway is a bit different, to mark where it leads. The Lothal gate has wolves. And then, Ahsoka’s spirit animal, Morai, leads him to a gate shaped like a sith temple.

Now, at the end of season 2, Ahsoka fought Darth Vader at a sith temple on malachor. She kept Vader busy so Ezra could escape. It’s a powerful scene, where the former padawan has to confront what her master has become [Anakin…Ahsoka]. Which, by the way, parallels this fight in Obi Wan Kenobi, when the other half of Vader’s mask was destroyed [you find’t kill Anakin…I did].

We were led to believe that she died in this battle–but then, Ezra pulls her into the world between worlds–2 years into the future, for her. [clip].

Now I have to stress that this was not time travel, and Ezra did not change the timeline. This is like closed loop time travel, where everything that happens was supposed to happen all along. In fact, when Ezra tries to save his master from dying, Ahsoka warns him against this [clip].

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