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Ahsoka episode 4 gives an Empire Strikes Back ending. a massive cliffhanger, an unexpected twist–and the bad guys won. While Morgan Elsbeth is off to Peredia to return Thrawn to the Empire, Ahsoka dies and finds herself in the Wolrd Between Worlds, where haydem Christensen returns as Anakin Skywalker. We explain all the Star Wars eastere ggs you missed, and what this means for the future.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
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We are going to break down lots of hidden Star Wars details, and a little later I’m going to talk about what Marrok revealed.

Doug: Yeah that was lame. I thought he was going to be Ezra or something.

No, actually the marrok reveal is badass, and a little later I’m going to explain why. And of course we’re going to talk about that ending, and how it was actually foreshadowed by the brand new, canon book, Return of the Jedi, from a certain point of view.

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So let’s break down this episode: the fallen Jedi. The episode starts with huyang repairing the ship, calling out to home one. Now home one is the capital ship commanded by Admiral ackbar in Return of the Jedi, where he said this [it’s a trap]. And I neglected to mention last week that the meeting room where Hera talked to a hologram of mon mothma was also where mon mothma announced the attack on the death star [many bothans died…].

But my favorite easter egg in the episode might have been this [this is fulcrum]. So this is Ahsoka’s code name, that she used in Rebels [clip]. Now the show rebels kept this a secret for the whole first season, [clip] but there was a value–when Hera communicated with Fulcrum, we saw Ahsoka ‘s facial marking a s her call sign. Like on the apprentice lives tee shirt.

And it also came to be used by other rebel spies, like agent Callus, who used a hologram of ahsoka facial markings, just like on the apprentice lives tee shirt. who used this same hologram. But the clone wars final seasons revealed that “fulcrum” was the name of Anakin’s personal channel during the clone wars [clip]. So this brief name drop of this easter egg is actually very subtle foreshadowing anakin’s return at the end of this episode.

So then Ahsoka gives Sabine a little foreshadowing heavy pep talk, doing the ol’ “can I count on you” to foreshadow that no, indeed, you cannot count on her. But in this talk, Ahsoka calls thrawn [heir to the empire], which is of course the series of novels that introduced thrawn way back in 1991. Ahsoka is setting up Sabine for an all or nothing choice–saying that she will have to leave Ezra behind, if they have to make that sacrifice.

This mirrors the sacrifice of Ezra at the end of rebels, when he used the prugill to transport Thrawn and himself to another galaxy, separating himself from his friends [clip, always the plan].

Doug: Kind of like how Spock sacrificed his life in wrath of Khan, but then the whole crew risked their lives to get them back.

That’s true, but I–

So back to Ahsoka. This whole sequence where huyang is repairing the ship wheel they hide from the plot feels very much like the empire strikes back to me, when the millennium falcon is hiding in the asteroid belt. In both sequences they’re repairing the ship, but you also have this fear of encroaching danger.

But speaking of fear, how badass is this line when Baylon talks about Ahsoka being formidable [not of fear..experience]. So , so frickin’ cool. Ray Stevenson was some of Hollywood’s most underrated actors for years–and it’s a shame that he dind’t live to see who this performance is being received by fans. He adds this kind of elegance to Baylon-like Alec Guiness’s obi wan, he creates this idea of a debonair knight from a bygone age.

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