AHSOKA Episode 3 BREAKDOWN – Every Star Wars EASTER EGG Explained!

AHSOKA Episode 3 BREAKDOWN - Every Star Wars EASTER EGG Explained!

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Ahsoka episode 3 strengthening the bond between Sabine and Ahsoka, while finally giving us a hint about the looming danger. It turns out that all hyperspace roads lead to the purgill–and this episode is filled with obscure easter eggs relating to Star Wars, Kurosawa–and many more!

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Brianna McLarty

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And, time to fly also refers to the purgill, but I’ll talk about them later on. I want to note very quickly that typically, in the Star Wars intro, the good guys are blue and the bad guys are red. But for some reason, Marrok and Sabine’s colors are switched. Maybe this means that Marrok could be a secret good guy, like Ezra–or that Sabine will eventually learn to use the force-0-but the dark side of the force.

The episode begins in a hyperspace tunnel–which is appropriate in an episode that’s all about discovering a hyperspace ring. So, just to briefly explain hyperspace in star wars–because it’s very important for this show. Hyperspace is like a dimension that’s just beneath normal space. Think of it like currents of water that can fast travel people to other parts of the galaxy along specific hyperspace lanes. The Purgill navigate through hyperspace naturally, while ships have to use special computers.

Hyperspace travel also serves a useful sort function in star wars–it gives the chacretes a moment to stop and regroup. For instance, when Luke took the time to mourn Obi –wan, or when Obi-wan found the time to train Luke in a new hope. That classic, original Jedi training sequence is mirrored in this episode–in some ways that are obvious, and in other ways you probably didn’t notice.

So Huyang is guiding Sabine through many poses for saber combat. Huyang has probably done this for thousands of padawans over the centuries, like how we first saw him helping padawans choose a saber in the clone wars [clip, wookie one].

So, oh my god, so many easter eggs in this sparring scene. First of all, it’s nice to see a jedi in training actually using a wooden word, practicing against holograms. In Attack of the Clones, we see preschoolers blindfolded with little lightsabers, which is adorable, but if you ”’r e apparent your butt cheeks never unclench when you watch these adorable little tikes so close to checking each other up.

Doug: Maybe those lightsabers are like at half power, like that one in the venture brothers [clip].

Yeah, maybe. Ahsoka says she wants to train Sabo One with the Za-tow-ichi technique–which is such a cool reference to samurai function. Za-tow-ichi was the subject of a series of novels about a blind samurai that were adapted into 26 movies, plus a TV series. One of these was turned into the rutger hauer movie blind fury [clip].

The 2003 movie is probably the best known and has some killer action scenes [clip]. So Ashoka training Sabine blindfolded is a tribute to this film.

Abd Marshall touchton on twitter pointed out that Ahsoka’s reverse grip fighting style was inspired by how the Za-tow-ishi actor, Shintaro Katsu, held his weapon in the films and the classic 70s’s tv show.

Appropotre, since George Lucas famously drew inspiration from Murosawa samurai films for star wars, lifting the structure of the hidden fortress, for example. And dave fioni has made live action ahsoka a samurai tribune since her first appearance in the mandalorian. [kurawa split screen]

But this scene is more directly influenced by obi wan training luke in a new hope. It makes sense that Ahsoka would know this technique–after all, Obi Wan was her master’s master. The cabinet in this room features a variety of lightsabers, and the remote droids that we saw used for blind force training in attack of the clones and a new hope.

The scene makes a direct callback to a new hope, with this line [can’t see, clips, fade]. Notice that her training helmet does have the emblem of the old jedi order on it, but it’s been rubbed away over the years. Which shows us how the order has been nearly wiped out, but it still persists.

Doug: I just thought it was like an old helmet that had been used alot.

Yeah, probably that/. And by the way everyone, if you like what we do here at the channel then

Doug: Here we go again.

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