AHSOKA and Star Wars REBELS RECAP – Everything You Need to Know Before AHSOKA

AHSOKA and Star Wars REBELS RECAP - Everything You Need to Know Before AHSOKA

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The Ahsoka series is drawing from more than 40 years of Sar Wars history, drawing from the original trilogy, prequels, Clone Wars, Thrawn novels, and Star Wars Rebels. We’re summing up hundred sof hours of programming for you in this video!

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (https://pavel8866.wixsite.com/pavelt) pavel8866@gmail.com

0:00 Recap
13:50 Rebels Recap

Hey welcome back ScreenCrush, I’m Ryan Arey nd, and I am here to recap a lot of Star Wars for you. We’re going to cover the entire series of Star Wars Rebels,and the histories of Thrawn and Ahsoka Tano–basically this is everything you need to know before watching the Ahsoka Tano series. And if you’re only here for the rebels recap the chapter is marked below. We have a lot to cover, so let’s get to it.

Ahsoka was born in a small village on planet Shuli. Which was part of the Galactic Republic. The republic has stood for a thousand years, protected by Jedi knights, who wield a cosmic energy called the Force. Ahsoka showed Force sensitivity even as an infant, when she persuaded a space-tiger not to eat her. Years later she was adopted into the Jedi order by master Plo Koon.

Soon after this, the events of the phantom menace happen. After evil space teamsters invade a planet with robots, Jedi master qui gon jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi save the life of the queen of naboo, Padme amidala–then they get sidetracked to tatooine, where they meet a kid named Anakin Skywalker who is unbelievable powerful with the Force [clip].

They take Anakin back to Coruscant, the capital of the republic, where the naboo crisis leads to a new chancellor being elected–named Sheev Palpatine. Meanwhile the Jedi are worried about the re-emergence of the Sith, their sworn enemies who use the dark side of the Force. Anakin immediately takes the heroine to Padme, qui gon is killed by a sith lord named Darth Maul, Obi-Wan gets revenge and promises to train Anakin.

Maul is from planet Dathomir, which is inhabited by powerful dark side users called the night sisters. Tears after Maul’s defeat, the night sisters build him robot legs and restore his sanity.

But now we have to go to an unknown region of the galaxy. This is going to get a little technical for a second, but it’s important. Ships in star wars navigate through a kind of subspace called hyperscale using super advanced computers that chart through the galaxy, like Han explains [clip].

It’s been theorized that hyperspace is somehow tied to the Force itself. The earliest hyperspace travelers developed the technology because they observed space whales called purgill using the Force to travel through hyperspace–and it’s also thought that early Force users or Jedi were responsible for navigating hyperspace before the technology existed to do so.

But the unknown region is nearly impossible to navigate because thousands of years ago there was some kind of natural disaster that damaged hyperspace, creating dangerous pockets called the chaos. People who live in the Unknown Regions use Force sensitive people called navigators to sense their way through this chaos.

So the Unknown Regions are totally separate from the rest of the star wars galaxy, with different races, technology, and customs. Think of it as the old world, and the new world.

So the major power in the Unknown Regions is called the Chiss ascendancy, a very secretive, advanced, and cautious government that rules many many planets. The Chiss are also a highly political culture, ruled by various families on a ruling council.

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