Movie Content Plus Video Actors You Didn’t Realize Had Died

Actors You Didn’t Realize Had Died

As fans, we can sometimes have odd relationships with the actors who play our favorite characters. Sometimes, we recognize their faces from seeing them in countless movies and TV shows, but never learn their names. Or maybe they were in shows we remember from when we were kids, but then as their careers waned, we lost track of them.

All of those circumstances can lead to instances where an actor whose work we adore passes away without us even knowing about it. You may have heard about some of these actors passing on the news, but not all. These are actors you didn’t realize had died.

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Bernie Mac | 0:00
Harold Ramis | 1:09
Richard Harris | 2:02
Heather O’Rourke | 3:02
Thuy Trang | 3:55
Taylor Negron | 4:47
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper | 5:35
Sage Stallone | 6:33
Richard Attenborough | 7:24
Gary Coleman | 8:17
Edward Herrmann | 9:11
Deezer D | 10:40
Kathryn Joosten | 12:05
Hugh Dane | 12:43
Kenny Baker | 14:55
Natasha Richardson | 16:17
James Michael Tyler | 17:38
Richard Griffiths | 18:54
Brad Renfro | 19:45
Dana Plato | 20:37
Skye McCole Bartusiak | 21:25
Michael K. Williams | 22:13

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