Movie Content Plus Video Actors Who Wanted Sequels But Couldn’t Make Them Happen

Actors Who Wanted Sequels But Couldn’t Make Them Happen

Sequels and franchises are the bread and butter of modern Hollywood. Why take a risk on a new property when you can just ride the success of previous box office hits? With that in mind, many studios plan for the possibility of franchises before the first movie in their series even premieres… but not everything always goes as planned, leaving plot lines and cliffhangers unresolved forever.

Despite these cinematic blunders, plenty of the actors involved can still be eager to see the continuation of these stories, and make it their personal business to try to make it happen. Here are a few actors who wanted sequels but couldn’t make them happen.

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Ron Perlman | 0:00
John C. Reilly | 1:23
Taylor Kitsch | 2:35
Christina Ricci | 3:39
Will Smith | 4:48
Liam Neeson | 5:51
Karl Urban | 7:03
Tony Todd | 8:08
Tiffany Haddish | 9:13
Kevin Costner | 10:11

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