Actors Who Died Right After Giving Oscar-Winning Performances

There’s nothing like finally being recognized for your work after years of toil, but some actors receive their honors a little late in life. In fact, some actors die just days after receiving an Oscar, which is both an ironic biographical twist, and a testament to the energy and ability they brought to their craft. This happens a little more often than you probably think, and the history of cinema is filled with examples of late-blooming stars, or at least performers who did not come out on top of award ceremonies until very late in life. These are actors who gave Oscar-winning performances just before they died.

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Henry Fonda | 0:00
Peter Finch | 1:22
Melvyn Douglas | 2:28
Geraldine Page | 3:26
Marie Dressler | 4:28
Walter Huston | 5:22
Alice Brady | 6:04
Heath Ledger | 6:56

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