9 Super Smash Bros. Moves In The Super Mario Bros. Movie

9 Super Smash Bros. Moves In The Super Mario Bros. Movie

In Super Smash Bros., Mario’s forward aerial attack is called the Meteor Knuckle. If timed correctly, this overhand punch can result in an instant KO for an enemy of moderately low damage. Though simple, the move is flashy enough to create quite a visual impact. When Mario faced off against Donkey Kong in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, this was his first move. Unfortunately, without a power-up, this punch wasn’t a match for Donkey Kong, who managed to catch Mario before his punch landed—no KO this time around. Mario’s dash attack in Super Smash Bros. is a sort of slide across the stage. It can work as a dodge as well as an attack, which means a decent start to disarming an opponent. Mario used this move a couple of times in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the first of which was during his training with Princess Peach. The sliding move, which the hero in overalls used to quickly make it across a series of dropping platforms, is also seen in Super Mario 64, so it’s not exclusive to Super Smash Bros. Still, it’s a character staple. Unfortunately, The Super Mario Bros. Movie didn’t see Princess Peach in much combat. Though her run through the training course was impressive, it was mostly Mario, Luigi, and Donkey Kong that had a chance to show off their Super Smash Bros. skill. Still, while effortlessly making it through her side-scroll style obstacles, Peach was seen gliding through the air in a way that is a lot like her Smash character.

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0:00 Mario’s Forward Aerial Meteor Knuckle
0:16 Mario’s Dash Attack Slide Kick
0:27 Peach’s Jump With Dress Parachute
0:54 Mario & Luigi’s Up Tilt Uppercut
1:30 Mario & Luigi’s Down Aerial Drill Kick
1:50 Donkey Kong’s Down Special Hand Slap
2:11 Donkey Kong’s Rolling Dash Attack
2:29 Donkey Kong’s Dyna Clap
2:47 Donkey Kong’s Upward Throw With Up Tilt

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