7 Jenna Ortega Movies & Shows To Watch While Waiting For Wednesday Season 2

7 Jenna Ortega Movies & Shows To Watch While Waiting For Wednesday Season 2

There’s still plenty of time before Wednesday season 2 arrives, but, thankfully, Jenna Ortega has plenty of other movie and TV show roles that will keep the anticipation for her Addams Family return high. While the actress had been in various movies and series for several years beforehand, Jenna Ortega’s breakout role was as Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s 2022 TV show Wednesday. Solidifying her as one of the greatest modern Hollywood Scream Queens, Ortega’s portrayal of The Addams Family’s gothic eldest daughter arrived the same year that she joined two other major horror movie franchises. While Wednesday season 2’s release date has yet to be confirmed, the return of the Jenna Ortega-starring Netflix series is expected to arrive by late 2024. Since Wednesday season 2’s premiere is potentially more than a year away, Ortega’s anticipated upcoming movies Beetlejuice 2 and Scream 7 may have already been released, though her role in the latter is still unconfirmed. In the meantime, Jenna Ortega has starred in several other movies and TV shows similar to Wednesday that will satisfy until its return, including horror films, suspense and thriller series, and teen dramas.

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0:00 Scream (2022)
0:33 Scream VI
1:19 X
1:56 Studio 666
2:26 You
2:54 The Fallout
3:21 The Babysitter: Killer Queen

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