Movie Content Plus Video 5 Ways Doctor Strange 2 Changes The MCU Forever

5 Ways Doctor Strange 2 Changes The MCU Forever

Today’s video is all about the ways Multiverse of Madness changes the MCU. So we have to start with what everyone’s talking about: the cameos. And dang – the Illuminati got merked, y’all. Yeah – finally, we get the Illuminati, the secret group of heroes who are seemingly always hiding away and pulling strings behind major Marvel events and kablammo, they’re little more than a red stain on the carpet by the time Wanda’s done with them. What some people tend to forget about the Illuminati, at least based on how affronted some fans are at their deaths, is that the Illuminati in the comics… are kinda the worst. They aren’t a villainous organization per se, but they aren’t exactly doing a lot of good and often wind up screwing things up in some capacity. So when I saw Wanda turn Mister Fantastic into string cheese and turn Black Bolt’s head into a saggy baby diaper… man, I got a kick out of that. Captain Carter getting Darth Mauled? Sick. Captain Marvel getting her power sucked out of her body and then crushed by a statue? Eh, less sick, but I’ll take it. Oh, and Professor X – played by Patrick freakin’ Stewart, getting his neck snapped after being tricked by Wanda? Holy cow.

If you stayed for the mid-credits scene – which, uh, who doesn’t at this point? – you might have been slightly befuddled by Charlize Theron showing up as some chick dressed in purple opening up portals with some sick knives. Comic book fans – or at least Doctor Strange comic book fans – will have recognized her as playing Clea, the niece of Dormammu and the Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension. She also eventually marries Dr. Strange in the comics, so for all you folks who wanted to see a movie where Sherlock Holmes and Imperator Furiosa shack up, you’re in luck.


0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Death of the Illuminati
3:01 – Reed Richards
5:49 – Clea
7:05 – Secret Wars
13:47 – Horror in the MCU

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