Movie Content Plus Video 25 Tiny Details You Missed in the Men In Black Movies

25 Tiny Details You Missed in the Men In Black Movies


Grab your black suit, your slickest shades and forget everything you’ve ever known, you are now the best of the best of the best, sir! There have been 4 films, and multiple spin offs, but the Men In Black movies have been in the conversations for classic films for the last 20 years! There are countless easter eggs, celebrity cameos, callbacks to previous movies and even appearances of the director himself! Strap in and let’s go for a ride and check out some of the tiny details you might have missed in the first three Men In Black Movies!

0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Universal Pawnshop
0: 58 – Gun safety
1:52 – Jabba the Hutt
2:23 – Lunch alien
3:08 – Orion’s Belt
3:57 – Lemonade
4:43 – Edgar’s skin
5:32 – Get married have a bunch of kids
6:14 – Pizza Place
7:09 – C-18
7:27 – Michael Jackson (And Biz Markie)
8:00 – Bicycle men
8:29 – Spielberg’s work
9:09 – Moon Landing Blanket
9:34 – PS2 controller
10:00 – Frank The Pug
10:20 – "We’ll Take It From Here”
10:50 – Young K’s Watch
11:18 – Frank The Pug…Again
11:47 – Shea Stadium
12:14 – Reggie
12:32 – Full moon
12:54 – Boris’ Hidden Joke
13:20 – Another Call Back
13:36 – The Chrysler Building

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Written by: Joey Criscitello
Narrated by: Joey Criscitello
Edited by: Gullivar Du Katt

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