25 Things You Missed In Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers

Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers is out, and despite its initial trailer getting mixed reactions it actually turned out to be a pretty fun movie. We have no idea how they managed to get the rights to everyone who showed up in this movie but in this video we’ll dive into the plethora of references made throughout the film and take a look at 25 of them you may have missed! If we’re being frank, we think it’s awesome that ugly sonic is back in this movie! Paramount definitely has the first version of the sonic movie hidden in a vault somewhere and it was always unlikely that we would ever be able to see what could have been, you know? This movie is probably going to be the closest thing we get to seeing what could have been. Anyway, did you all enjoy rescue rangers? Did you think it was bad, was it phenomenal or somewhere in between? Let us know how you felt in the comments! And if there were any references we missed (because I’m sure we did!) let us know what caught your eye as well!

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0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Let’s Talk Ugly Sonic
1:23 – Everyone BUT mickey
2:00 – Rescue Rangers Episodes
2:45 – Rescue Rangers Voices
3:16 – Original Creator Cameo
3:54 – Rescue Rangers Merch
4:35 – Toon Themed Products
5:08 – Billboards
5:43 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit References
6:20 – Older Disney Characters
6:55 – Muppets
7:26 – Wall of bootlegs
8:02 – Free Characters
8:42 – Double O Dale
9:13 – Darkwing Duck
9:36 – Scat Cat and Paula Abdul
10:09 – Avengers references
11:00 – Adult Cartoon References
11:48 – Bootleg Movies
12:28 – Bootleg Final Villain
12:59 – Pirates of the Great Lakes
13:19 – Nintendo References
14:03 – MC Hammer and the Chippendales
14:20 – Terminator References
14:52 – Director Appearance

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