Movie Content Plus Video 21 Things You Missed In Avengers Movies That Still Surprise Us

21 Things You Missed In Avengers Movies That Still Surprise Us

There are many details that can go unnoticed in each Avengers movie, Thor’s Gullibleness is revealed through his wardrobe choices, Tony Stark’s trauma is revealed through Ultron’s design, Hulk’s super pants can be found in one of the movies, mantis praying reveals she’s more bug-like than we thought, Thor’s den has hidden and obscure details that show his special interests, both Iron Man and Thor have visions of Endgame, Tony’s resilience and ability to quickly recover from a fight means he could be super Saiyan, Thanos prefers things "Balanced… As All Things Should Be" even when they come with a heavy price, Scott Lang offers orange slices to nullify time travel sickness, cap’s disguise during the time travel mission is a bit on the nose, cap’s armor is multi-layered, cap’s age gap makes him unable to use the holographic briefing material, losing really does turn the legs to jelly, thanks to a memorial we will never forget the Battle of New York, Rhodey yells "canopy! canopy!" to indicate ejection from his armored suit, the thematic scoring of Infinity War and Endgame are major contributors to its box office success, Thanos can lift the hammer thanks to the elevator loophole, the next hero in Clint’s family will be his son: Quicksilver Barton, Thanos’ use of the stones is quick and efficient, if you look closely you can always see which stone he is using.


0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Thor’s Gullibleness
1:16 – Tony’s Trauma
1:58 – Hulk’s Super-Pants
2:33 – Mantis Praying
3:16 – Thor’s Den
3:59 – Visions Foreshadowing Endgame
4:38 – Tony is Super Saiyan
5:23 – Balanced… As All Things Should Be
6:04 – Orange Slices
6:45 – Cap’s Disguise
7:28 – Cap’s Armor
8:06 – Cap’s Age Gap
8:45 – Turns the Legs to Jelly
9:21 – Never Forget
10:01 – Canopy! Canopy!
10:42 – Thematic Scoring
11:18 – Elevator Loophole
11:57 – Quicksilver Barton
12:38 – Quick and Efficient
13:16 – Look Closely
13:55 – Bonus Round

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