Movie Content Plus Video 2022 Box Office Bombs That Deserved Better

2022 Box Office Bombs That Deserved Better

2022 was a year of recovery for the box office. While the astounding success of Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water proved that audiences would turn out for “event cinema,” many independent films and mid-budget titles underperformed as audiences turned to streaming. There was no such thing as a “sure thing” at the box office, as the changing theatrical window and dominance of franchises made it harder for original films to stand out. This year proved that even seemingly “safe” franchise vehicles could underperform thanks to dismal reviews with Lightyear, Halloween Ends, and Morbius.

There is certainly reason to have hope; if something as emotionally dense as The Whale or as utterly bizarre as Terrifier 2 can find box office success, then hopefully audiences are willing to take a chance on edgier films. However, the box office story of a film often lives and dies by its opening weekend, and the rising ticket prices and simultaneous VOD releases aren’t doing anything to help theater owners. Taking a look at the year’s box office results is a grim reminder that this is still an industry in flux.

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