20 Villains We’re Still Waiting For In the MCU

What a time we’re in. We get to talk about why the heck we haven’t seen a fictional demon appear in the same movie as Hawkeye yet. With many more projects to come and heroes to introduce, so come their opponents. The MCU is nothing without its villains. Sure the heroes take the spotlight, but the MCU villains often come right from the pages of the comics. Upcoming projects are certainly hinting towards the arrival of some fan favorites, but we are definitely waiting for quite a few villains to appear. From cosmic entities to older men who retired and chose hunting instead of golf as their next hobby, the villain population of the MCU is going to get a whole lot bigger. Let’s take a look at some of the villains we are still waiting to appear in the MCU right now.

Perhaps the largest glaring hole in the MCU in terms of villains go will definitely be here soon, given that a certain studio purchase means he can play with his friends again. Doctor Doom is commonly thought of as one of the smartest and most imposing villains in all of Marvel comics. The master of magnetism has been featured in several live action and animated properties. Magneto existed for quite a while as a part of the Fox X-Men universe, even being portrayed by multiple actors. However, we have all been waiting for mutants and the X-Men to be introduced in the MCU, and the hints keep getting bigger and bigger. What good is a hero without a villain to fight against? The MCU has seen several come and go, but there’s still a seemingly infinite number to choose from. Which Marvel villain are you most surprised that we haven’t seen in the MCU yet? Be sure to like, subscribe, and leave a comment, and check out all the videos coming out from CBR.

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0:00 Intro
0:44 Doctor Doom
1:38 Mephisto
2:38 MODOK
3:21 Magneto
4:15 The Magus
5:00 The Void
5:41 Alternate versions of Kang
6:30 Annihilus
7:12 Onslaught
7:55 Dark Phoenix
8:35 Chthon
9:10 Fin Fang Foom
9:53 Kraven the Hunter
10:29 Hobgoblin
10:30 Nightmare
11:51 Mr. Sinister
12:33 Lady Death
13:00 The Beyonder
13:39 Molecule Man
14:20 Galactus

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