Movie Content Plus Video 20 Secret Abilities Marvel’s Strongest Villains Never Use

20 Secret Abilities Marvel’s Strongest Villains Never Use

Some characters in the Marvel Universe have been menacing their heroes for so long they’ve both expanded the scope of their power and their ambition. Doctor Doom is no longer satisfied just besting his biggest rival Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four and has at times reached for power over reality itself. Norman Osborne has taken his Spider-man menacing ways and parlayed that into political appointments during a time when people of a more shady nature were in charge. But with powerful ambition comes powers that just don’t really end up working out as good as the others and so they just don’t come up very often. Sometimes it makes things just too easy, like Kang’s ability to transfer his consciousness into a waiting clone, essentially nullifying death. Or Galactus’ ability to tap into the cosmic consciousness… it’s just a lot. Some powers only pop up when the character finds a new level, like when Doctor Connors’ Lizard gains full control and becomes Shed. Doctor Doom has accumulated so much power over time he’s forgotten about more powers than most bad guys could hope to have. Some powers don’t really mesh as well with the way the villain likes to operate, like Venom’s ability to camouflage into his surroundings. Or sometimes it’s just a matter of one creator needing the character to do something and no other creator ever revisits that ability, a handy byproduct of characters who are handed from one creator to the next. What underused power would you like to see make a comeback, and why was there so much hypnotizing in Marvel? Let us know in the comments and while you’re there be sure to like and subscribe for the latest in your inbox.



0:00 Intro
0:38 Doctor Doom
1:57 Green Goblin
3:04 Emma Frost
4:05 Super Skrull
5:02 Thanos
5:51 Absorbing Man
6:48 Loki
7:49 Magneto I
8:46 Magneto II
9:21 Apocalypse
10:16 Venom
11:10 Ultron
12:00 Mr Sinister
12:39 Namor
13:16 Galactus
14:02 The Lizard
14:44 Stegron
15:17 Kang
15:57 Doctor Octopus
16:27 Electro

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