Movie Content Plus Video 20 Most Powerful She-Hulk Versions Ranked

20 Most Powerful She-Hulk Versions Ranked

Kicking butt in and out of the courtroom, Jennifer Walters is here to stay. Adopting a familiar green hue to her cousin Bruce Banner, She-Hulk will be making her way to Disney plus very shortly, but she has been around for quite awhile. With an untold number of timelines and multiverses, She Hulk comes in quite literally all shapes and sizes. From apocalypses to additional powers to that one time she was a shark – don’t worry we’ll get there- the many versions of She Hulk are incredibly interesting. Let’s take a good look at them, right now.

There exists a zombie version of just about every marvel character out there. There’s a red version of the Hulk, so why not one of She Hulk as well? During a very meta-issue of the sensational she hulk, many different versions of the gorgeous green giant were depicted. They were only brought up in concepts, and we’re never actually realized, but as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of madness showed us if they can be thawed up, they probably exist out there somewhere. She’s one mean green fighting machine, and any version of her is likely to give any fighter a run for their money. Which version of She Hulk do you think is the most powerful, and why is it the one where she’s a shark? Also, which one would you most want to take on a date? Be sure to comment your answer, and leave a like and subscribe, otherwise I’ll answer that last question for you, and yes, it will be the one where she’s a shark, guaranteed.


0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Shulk
1:23 – Red
2:23 – Winter
3:10 – Thor
3:54 – Zombie
4:38 – Misstro
5:28 – Earth 1029
6:31 – Arcadia
7:08 – Old Man Logan
7:40 – Ultimate
8:30 – Giant
9:01 – Ghost Rider
9:38 – Immortal
10:28 – The Reckoning War
11:01 – Jade Giantess
11:41 – Earth A
12:15 – Atlantean
12:44 – House of M
13:14 – Earth X
13:47 – Professional Wrestler

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