Movie Content Plus Video 20 John Wick Details You Never Noticed Before

20 John Wick Details You Never Noticed Before

Gunfire and gunpowder are far from foreign from the three soon to be four movies that make up the John Wick universe. Filled with intrigue and martial arts the gun-fu flick is a staple in modern day cinema; bringing the masses to a heart pumping mind blowing spectacle of nonstop action and violence. Amongst the haze of smoke and rain there are details hiding to the eyes of the common man waiting to be found by eagle eyed fans that can parse through the white background noise that is the stage Keanu Reeves demands as Wick. From the early stages of writing to the inevitable casting of the titular character this film is filled with facts to stun the mind. We will go through the surface of what this movie has to offer with 20 different details you never noticed before in John Wick 1, 2, and 3!


0:00 Intro
0:20 Charon
0:59 Shibumi
1:38 Ares
2:24 315 numbers
3:17 Katana
3:56 Four Seasons
4:41 Payday
5:33 Spiderman
6:04 One Week
6:51 Canis Minor and Dogstar
7:16 John Wick is too young
8:15 Reeves named the movie
8:53 Reeves brought the directors
9:20 Andrei Tarkovski
9:50 Nightclub Flu
10:26 Headwear
10:52 Matrix
11:49 Paul Newman as John Wick
12:30 Guns, lots of guns
13:19 Two wolves

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Written by: Iyan Socolove
Narrated by: Chris Goodmakers
Edited by: Guillermo Arriola

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