Movie Content Plus Entertainment 1899 Ending: Season 2 Theories, Predictions And [SPOILER] Explained

1899 Ending: Season 2 Theories, Predictions And [SPOILER] Explained

1899 Ending: Season 2 Theories, Predictions And [SPOILER] Explained. We review and recap season 1 and discuss our best theories and predictions for where the Netflix series could be going in Season 2. This covers Maura, Elliot, Daniel, Ciaran and a lot more about the Prometheus and what may be going on in the show.

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Ok so 1899 has a major ending that sets up a lot of things for next. In this video we’re gonna be breaking down what happens and giving our theories for what could end up happening in Season 2. I don’t wanna waste your time as there’s a lot to talk about so spoiler alert.

Now the series ends with Maura breaking out of the simulation that the voyage on the Kerberos has been. She awakens to find herself on the Prometheus which is of course also the name of the abandoned ship that they discovered in episode 1.

Captain Eyk found a ship passenger list on the prometheus list had both their names on it and this was one of the many clues that they were in fact on the vessel from the beginning.

Now to me the events in the series very much work as a metaphor for what’s going on in the real world. Maura was of course looking for her brother who was on the Prometheus and this extends to what we discover at the end.

Just in the same way that the Kerberos was heading out to New York I think that the passengers are heading out to a new planet in order to start a new life.

This is demonstrated in the text log that we see at the end which says Survival Mission along with a list of two co-ordinates.

Clearly chronicling a journey I think that both the events on the Kerberos and what we learn very much parrallel each other.

Maura is looking for her missing brother and she ends up discovering the truth about him at the end showing she’s at least completed this mission.

Now I think that the things the passengers are doing on the Kerberos are also what they’re doing in real life.

For exampled Lucien will be travelling to this new planet to get life saving surgery that will stop him from having Seizures.

Ramira and Angel could be escaping persecution for their sexuality and so on and so forth.

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