Movie Content Plus Entertainment 1899 Ending Explained | Season 1 Breakdown, Theories, Predictions, Hidden Triangles And Review

1899 Ending Explained | Season 1 Breakdown, Theories, Predictions, Hidden Triangles And Review

1899 Ending Explained | Season 1 Breakdown, Theories, Predictions, Hidden Triangles And Netflix Series Review. We review, recap and explain the ending of 1899 which has now just released on Netflix. From the makers of DARK this has a mind bending ending and lots of hidden details that we discuss in the video.

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Ok so 1899 is now out and the new netflix series has a lot to unpack from it’s ending. Throughout this video I wanna breakdown the series, all the hidden details in it and also go over what happens in it’s final few scenes.

What I love about the series is that it starts to fall into you thinking that you’ve figured out the ending of it but then in the last couple of minutes it completely pulls the rug out from under your feet. You’re probably thinking what the hell is going on and in this video I aim to explain the ending whilst also giving my theories for what could happen next time.

In the end it’s revealed that Maura is infact in the year 2099 and on a spaceship known as the prometheus….no not that one…forget about that. However the final scene actually shares some similarities to the voyages that are often depicted in Sci-Fi movies.

In order to make long journies, passengers are often put to sleep in stasis and this show makes it appear that simulation are fed to them in order to keep their minds occupied whilst they’re down for the long nap. Maura awakens from this and finds herself onboard a ship which we know is overseen by her brother Ciaran.

Now before we get to the ending I feel like we have to talk about the major events that lead up to it. This first section of the video will be going over the influences in the show, the triangles that appear throughout and also the details that lead towards the end.

In the series we join the passengers of the Kerberos as they head out a voyage all the way to new york. The ending twist is that they’re probably doing the same thing but rather than heading out to America, they’re heading out to a new planet.

Either way They all have their own reasons for starting a new life with most of the characters either running from something or receiving letters from their loved ones that beckon them out there.

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