Movie Content Plus Video 16 Things You Missed In Ms. Marvel Episode 1

16 Things You Missed In Ms. Marvel Episode 1

The new Disney Plus series Ms. Marvel has premiered and it’s a lot of fun. Iman Villani is the young Kamala Khan and she has some brand new powers to grapple with. The young Avenger joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe in her debut series and we’re here to break down the first episode. From the unique and stylish animations to the fun Cosplay of AvengersCon, there’s lots to talk about. Plus what’s up with her powers? What happened to inflato-fists?!


0:00 – Intro
0:21 -Kamala’s Cosplay
0:46 – Zoe’s Cosplay
1:06 – Other Marvels
2:14 – Opening
2:46 – Podcast
3:11 – Artists
3:56 – Youtube
4:26 – Mr. Wilson
5:16 – Smushee
5:44 – Old Powers
6:28 – New Powers
7:22 – DODC
8:06 – Texting
8:42 – Avengerscon
9:22 – Aspect Push
10:13 – Looking Forward

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