Movie Content Plus Video 15 Worst Things Homelander Has Ever Done

15 Worst Things Homelander Has Ever Done

Garth Ennis’ The Boys has become the quintessential metatake on the superhero genre that suggests that people with superpowers would be troubled and often terrible people and the powers that be in our world would move swiftly to exploit and control those superpowered people. The ultimate manifestation of that is the character Homelander. A product of unethical experimentation and raised in a lab setting, Homelander is a stunted manchild with all the powers associated with the World’s Finest, Superman. Where Superman practices restraint and respect, Homelander embraces excess and brutal uses of his powers. To say that he treats life cheaply would be an understatement. As the show progresses Homelander begins to realize that he is more and more isolated from consequences. This has been leading to more and more horrific acts as he even starts to realize that the normal humans in suits that he reports to at Vought International are largely powerless to stop him. With two seasons under its belt and a third already underway, it’s time to look at some of the lines that Homelander has confidently walked over as if they had never existed, driving him further and further from humanity and deeper into his own megalomania. Unless the Boys find that special weapon that can actually end Homelander’s reign of terror there’s nothing to stop the pain parade. What do you think is the most horrifying thing that Homelander has done? Let us know in the comments and be sure to like and subscribe while you’re there.


00:00 Intro
00:37 Jumper
01:36 Timothy
02:31 Early Fail
03:28 The Mayor
04:02 Sitwell
04:40 Doppelganger
05:23 Ryan
06:16 Becca
07:12 Homelander & Stormfront
07:43 Self Love
08:31 Queen Maeve
09:21 Transoceanic 37
09:58 Sniper
10:30 Super-terrorists
10:57 Blindspot

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