Movie Content Plus Video 15 Versions Of Hulk We Could See In MCU Phase 5 & 6

15 Versions Of Hulk We Could See In MCU Phase 5 & 6

Are you telling me a Deadpool movie set in the Multiverse won’t have every version of Deadpool from Duck to Dread? You’d better believe that a version of the Hulk would be there as well. In fact, that’s likely not the only other version of the Hulk we could see in the coming phases of the MCU Multiverse Saga. With portals to other worlds just being punched open willy nilly by young girls, I think it’s safe to say that a ton of different versions of our favorite characters are just on the other side of that star shaped doorway. Not only are there multiple versions of Bruce, but as seen with Jennifer Walters, there’s many other Hulks as well. Which one’s will be smashing their way to a universe near you? Let’s find out right now.

The absolute strongest version of the Hulk may be on his way to the MCU should Disney follow recent rumors regarding the future of the Hulk in the MCU, not to mention his not so subtle trip to space in She Hulk. The World Breaker Hulk is Bruce Banner at his pinnacle of strength. When we rank levels of intelligence in the Marvel Universe, Bruce Banner is definitely up there in the conversation, however he does not even compare to the brilliant Amadeus Cho. The amount of anger on this list is immense, and it all could be coming to the MCU. Whether Bruce goes through more transformations, or others get the gamma treatment, which version of the Hulk do you think we will see in the coming MCU phases? Be sure to like, subscribe and comment your answer, if only to stave off the inevitable coming of Howard the Hulk Duck.



0:00 Intro
0:41 World Breaker
1:49 Maestro
2:46 Red
3:59 Harpy
5:07 Brawn
6:12 Joe Fixit
7:05 Cosmic
8:08 2099
9:00 Spider
9:54 Kluh
10:45 Hulkpool
11:34 Weapon H
12:17 Thor
13:17 Titan
13:56 Blue

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