15 Things You Didn’t Know About Kingpin


Wilson Fisk, AKA The Kingpin, is literally one of the biggest villains in Marvel’s catalogue and he also happens to be one of the best. Over the decades since his introduction in the 60s, Fisk has gone up against the likes of Daredevil, Spider-Man and even Captain America, and despite not possessing any superpowers he has managed to give each of these characters a real run for their money. The man is an absolute tank, being exceptionally strong, tall and skilled in combat, but he is also a genius and a criminal mastermind that operates in the shadows of New York.

With the character destined to make a massive splash in the MCU now with his introduction as Maya’s Uncle in Hawkeye we thought now would be a good time to go through the character’s long history and some things that even the biggest of comic book fans likely didn’t know about the character. From his inception into the Marvel world (and his initial purpose), the real life inspiration behind him, all of the powers and abilities he possess, the secret accessories he carries close to him, a surprising stat that you probably didn’t know about him, the time he killed his wife (twice), his run-ins with the likes of Daredevil and Spider-Man (and even some surprising characters), his attempt at living a normal life, and even another character who went by the moniker -Kingpin. These are 15 things you (probably) didn’t know about KIngpin.

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0:00 Intro
0:41 First Appearance
1:27 Inspiration
2:44 Skills & Abilities
3:55 Body Fat
4:50 Weapons
6:03 Kingpin Murdock
6:23 Killgrave
7:07 The Rose
7:27 Born Again
8:20 Hawkeye
9:05 The Owl
9:31 Punisher
10:07 Mayor Fisk
10:47 No Time to Fisk

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Written by: Aiden M
Narrated by: Justin Freitas @JustinFreitasVO
Edited by: Umair G.

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