Movie Content Plus Video 15 Suit Upgrades Iron Heart Needs To Make In Phase 5

15 Suit Upgrades Iron Heart Needs To Make In Phase 5

Riri Williams has officially been introduced in the MCU! She had a scene-stealing role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and now hopefully we are all excited to see what comes next for the character. She has the potential to be a worthy Iron Man replacement and her next adventure promises to be epic! But because she’s a character that’s just starting out, she has a long way to go in terms of suit capabilities. Already, she’s shown a remarkable tenacity when it comes to designing suits and weapons, and in Wakanda Forever, having access to Wakanda’s Vibranium allowed her to create a new super suit for herself. But now with Riri having to give the suit back to Shuri and the rest of Wakanda, Riri is in need of a new suit! And it’s the perfect time to introduce some fantastic upgrades that are both comic-accurate and incredibly powerful.

Today’s list is going to talk about all the awesome new suit upgrades that Riri’s Ironheart suit can incorporate in Phase 5 and beyond. A lot of these will be based on Ironheart comics. The most important one has to be Tony Stark’s AI. That would not only be a dream come true for MCU fans, but also provide Riri with a mentor that could help her be the next Iron Man. Of course, if the MCU didn’t want to go that route and allow Riri to stand on her own, then it could also incorporate the Natalie AI. There’s a lot of options! On top of that, Riri could get some fancy suit upgrades that we never got to see with Iron Man!

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Tony Stark AI
2:15 Natalie AI
3:43 War Machine Armor
5:29 Specialty Bracer
6:31 Ice Armor
8:12 Stealth Armor
8:55 Fin Fang Foombuster
9:40 Extremis/Bleeding Edge
10:36 Deep Space
11:36 Godbuster Armor
12:24 M.I.P.s
13:09 Omnibeam
13:52 Energy Shields
14:24 Holographic Projectors
15:07 Transparent Visor

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