Movie Content Plus Video 15 Suit Upgrades Black Panther NEEDS To Make In Phase 5

15 Suit Upgrades Black Panther NEEDS To Make In Phase 5

The Black Panther suit is one of the best in the entire pantheon of Marvel. What I’ve always found great about it is that it comes with all these amazing upgrades and abilities, but also the wearer isn’t usually completely dependent on it. Whoever is wearing the suit, be it T’Challa or Shuri or someone else, they’re usually imbued with the heart shaped herb, giving them their Panther Powers. This allows for a nice balance between suit power and natural power. In the MCU in particular, the Black Panther suit looks amazing. It’s tragic that we’ll never see Chadwick Boseman in the suit again. RIP King!

But with the new sequel, Wakanda Forever, it looks like Shuri is stepping up to fill those tremendous Panther boots and become the new Black Panther. This means a completely new suit with a lot of fancy upgrades. One thing that gives Shuri the advantage is that she’s also one of the smartest people on the planet, meaning you know all the upgrades she’s going to give to her suit are going to be amazing. Do you think she’ll draw inspiration from the comics? Down the line do you think she’ll add boots that could walk on water? Or cloaking technology to make her invisible? What about Glider Wings to help her fly? Will she ever feel the need to create a Wakanda Hulkbuster? These are all things I hope to see in the future!

So join me as I discuss all about suit upgrades I want to see in the MCU in the future. After you’re done, be sure to hit that big like and subscribe button for more awesome Marvel content like this! And leave a comment telling us what you think! Thanks for watching CBR! Let’s get started.



0:00 Intro
0:32 A.I.
3:14 Cloaking Technology
4:20 Energy Dampening Boots
5:22 Vibranium Energy Daggers
6:11 Teleportation
7:09 Glider Wings
7:56 Superspeed
9:02 Wakanda Hulkbuster
9:58 Hard Light Shield
10:49 Binding Foil
11:45 Anti-Metal Claws
12:50 Clothing Mimic
13:23 Wrist Mounted Blasters
14:01 Heavenly Armor
14:51 Cape?

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