15 Secret Peacemaker Facts You Need To Know

We’ve got some quality factoids about that there Peacemaker show to through in your face, sonny Jim! This one’s probably the most well known Peacemaker factoid, but might as well throw it in: dude didn’t start as a DC character! Nope, originally he was created for Charlton Comics, which started back in 1945 before eventually losing all its steam and going out of business in 1985. This was two years after most of their superhero characters were acquired by DC. He started off in the Fightin’ Five comic before getting his own short-lived run facing um, well, a variety of villains. Oh, and did you know that Peacemaker was also the inspiration for the Comedian in Alan Moore’s Watchmen? In fact, the initial idea for that landmark series was to have the cast made up of Charlton Comics characters, whom Moore could revamp for his own purposes as he had done with Miracleman. Which, by the way, very depressing comic – thanks Alan!

There were even other Peacemakers in the comics. The third one was Mitchell Black, who had been a surgeon who whoopsied a patient during experimental surgery and wound up recruited by the Peacemaker Project. He wore this garish monstrosity and wound up being forcibly shuffled off this mortal coil by Prometheus during the bloodbath that was Infinite Crisis. Back to Christopher Smith’s incarnation though, after his four issue miniseries in 1988, writer Paul Kupperberg actually pitched an ongoing series to DC – hence that 1988 volume being open ended. Per Kupperberg’s blog, the series would have opened after the disappearance of Christopher Smith following Checkmate #33 and would introducer a new Peacemaker, Richard Carter.

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0:00 Intro
0:04 He Killed Vigilante!
1:02 Once cosplayed Boba Fett
1:34 Not Originally a DC Property
2:25 Originally Nonviolent
2:59 Crisis on Infinite Earths
3:52 Became a Homicidal Maniac in 1988
4:10 Big Influence on The Comedian
4:49 Debuted Alongside Watchmen
5:07 Cameo in Doomsday Clock
5:18 Three Peacemakers
5:54 Helped Blue Beetle
6:29 Could Introduce Blue Beetle
7:08 Talks to His Helmet
7:49 Somehow his dad is worse in the comics!
9:13 Almost Got an Ongoing Series!

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