Movie Content Plus Video 15 Powers You Didn’t Know Spider-Man Villains Had

15 Powers You Didn’t Know Spider-Man Villains Had


So I was surprised at the number of powers I didn’t know Spider-man villains had. Sure, we know all about Doctor Octopus’ arms or Green Goblin’s pumpkin bombs or even Electro’s ability to travel via electrical wires, but with so much collective comics history between spidey’s villains (even newer ones, like Mr. Negative), there’s really no end to the little tricks and powers you can uncover at use in the various spider-verses.

When Spider-Man: No Way Home releases in theaters on December 17th, I wonder if we’ll see any of the wallcrawler’s rogues gallery whip out a never-before-seen power or ability. After all, these are not the versions of Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Electro, Sandman, or Lizard that we saw in the various Sam Rami and Marc Webb films, that much is obvious from the costume differences (and the characters’ use-seemingly-of cutting edge Stark tech??).

Were you surprised by any of these abilities? How many? The Electro, Venom, Kingpin, Mysterio, and Black Cat hidden abilities surprised me the most, and I bet there are a few I didn’t even mention. If you know of a power or ability that I missed, drop it in the comments. Or don’t, and hold it deep inside as it grows and festers into a rage until your only recourse is to travel the multi-verse to take terrible revenge on Spider-Man. Your choice! OR IS IT??

0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Doc Ock’s Remote Control Arms
1:29 – Green Goblin’s Healing Factor
2:20 – Electro Disrupts the Wall-Crawling
3:21 – It Gets Everywhere
3:52 – the Gator King of NYC
4:41 – A Youngie But a Baddie
5:37 – The Big Scorpion Squeeze
6:30 – Mysterio’s Missing Piece
7:11 – Venom Is Your Favorite
7:47 – Extra Garlic for Dr. Morbius
8:20 – The Shocker Cracks Safes I Guess
9:01 – The Rhino’s Polymer Skin
9:40 – Kingpin’s Big Ol’ Door
10:30 – Black Cat’s Bad Luck Powers
10:58 – Martin Li’s Super Chill Vibes

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