Movie Content Plus Video 15 Powers You Didn’t Know Spider-Man Had

15 Powers You Didn’t Know Spider-Man Had


We’ve seen the wall crawler display a whole host of strange and unique skills across the wide Multiverse of Madness. Sure there are the more popular examples out there like Tobey Maguire’s organic webbing and Andrew Garfield’s seriously sick skateboarding tricks. Maybe you thought you’ve seen all of his possible power ups because of the wide array of upgrades in Insomniac’s video game. Oh boy, those are just the tip of the iceberg, or should I say tip of the Spider Stinger… Don’t get it? Just watch the video, we talk about that.

As more and more Spider-Men enter the filmed Spider-Verse we have been greeted to a whole assortment of abilities like Doctor Strange trying to control dimensional travel for Spidey, Miles Morales turning himself invisible, Tom Holland literally biting the dust in Avengers Infinity War – but did you know that these were inspired by events that transpired in the comics

Spidey’s tenure on Earth – 616 is almost sixty years at this point. It may not come as the biggest surprise that after over half a century, Peter Parker has had some super odd moments in his history. You’ve got powers that stem from his wide arrange of suits like the Symbiote suit, and Iron Spider suit like the ability to change into anything. Then you’ve got some outright strange capabilitys that has been buried in the backlog of issues. Ever wonder what happens when Pete and Mary Jane try to have a baby? How about what common household pesticide can entirely erase Spidey’s moveset. Swing on back to the top of the video to find out- there’s more to this headline than even the Daily Bugle can dig up.

0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Multiverse Of Madness
1:18 – Gamma Radiation Is A Hulk Problem
2:03 – The Toxic Avenger
2:51- Super Tolerance
3:28 – Uni-Power
4:06 – Spider Cocoon
4:50 – Fluent In Arachnid
5:23 – You Think Wolverine Heals Fast?
5:45 – Baraka Claws
6:16 – Invisibility
7:02 – Mark Of Kaine
7:45 – His Kryptonite
8:30 – Faster Than The Flash?
9:03 – Intense Fashion Sense
9:37 – Spider Mobile Go VROOM

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