Movie Content Plus Video 15 Powerful Abilities You Didn’t Know The Hulk Has

15 Powerful Abilities You Didn’t Know The Hulk Has

He’s a mean green fighting machine, and there’s a lot more to this Marvel hero than just smashing stuff, though admittedly that is a huge part of his MO. The incredible gamma irradiated wrecking machine is already known as one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel universe, but there are several powers and abilities that you may be unaware that this green monster possesses. Let’s put the brain and the brawn together and take a look, right now. The green giant can eat anything, run at superhuman speeds, and even survive in some of the most dangerous surroundings in the known universe. Some of these powers have been demonstrated in comics, animated shows, and even have made their silver screen debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perhaps one of Bruce Banner’s powers is jumping right off the comic book page and landing in the films to Thunderclap out a row of flames.

They don’t call him incredible for nothing. You might think of him as a show off, but Bruce Banner definitely has several tricks up his sleeve that he chooses to keep more hidden. Which of his surprising powers do you think is the most useful? Is it his ability to talk to ghosts, or perhaps his knack literally breaking the fourth wall with his fists, opening up to new dimensions. Wow, that would come in serious handy more often than you would think. Be sure to leave a like, subscribe and comment your answer, otherwise you’ll be forced to live a life wearing only purple stretchy pants from here on out.


0:00 Intro
0:34 Can Eat Anything
1:30 Immunity to Disease
2:19 Thunderclap
3:09 Sundown Transformation
3:56 Punch through Dimensions
4:30 Super Speed
5:15 Breathe Underwater
6:01 See Ghosts
6:45 Survive in Space
7:22 Resistant to Mind Control
8:00 Create other Gamma monsters
9:03 Change Colors
9:40 Super Breath
10:20 Regenerate
11:09 Emit Radiation
11:44 Outro

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