Movie Content Plus Video 15 New Avengers We Could See In The Multiverse Saga

15 New Avengers We Could See In The Multiverse Saga

Those who aren’t super fans of the MCU or of the abundance of superhero movies in cinema as of the last decade and then some usually have the fact that there’s just “too many characters” as one of their main points of critique. Well, I wouldn’t wanna be them when they find out that there are still so many more of them in the comics that are just standing in line to be adapted next.

With more than sixty years of material to pull from, the MCU is not likely to run out of potential candidates for future movie deals, and as time trudges on and actors age or move on to other creative projects, finding new heroes may prove more of a necessity than just a luxury.

Some of the many possible characters do technically already exist in the MCU, but simply haven’t put on their colorful costumes and started rescuing people from larger-than-life supervillains yet. Others have maybe been mentioned briefly. Others still are characters that we can assume exist simply by virtue of other things in the cinematic universe already having set them up. And then finally, there are some total wild cards that might not make sense to add as things are right now – but would just be plain fun to see in general!

So strap in everybody – we’re going to scroll through a bunch of Marvel’s abundant superhero characters and pick some obvious, some desired, and some completely random, unlikely, but still very fun candidates.



00:00 Intro
00:31 The Young Avengers
01:33 Deadpool
02:24 Miles Morales
03:11 Ghost Rider
04:04 Nova
05:11 Sentry
06:27 Captain Britain
07:24 Black Knight
08:36 Ares
09:29 Great Lakes Avengers
10:39 Wonder Man
11:53 Spider-Woman
12:58 The Squadron Supreme
14:01 Quasar
14:44 Tigra

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