15 Most Powerful Weapons In The MCU (So Far)

Weapons and tools, gadgets and gizmos. Often overlooked, however, primary plot points to any comic book or superhero film. In these stories, weapons are largely used to either give power to, or threaten heroes, cities and even planets. Sometimes they’re able to corrupt baddies and sometimes they’re needed to thwart supervillains. Whether a cursed blade or a divine hammer, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced us to a plethora of powerful weaponry throughout its first four Phases.

Obviously and for the most part, a weapon is only as formidable as the warrior who wields it. Occasionally, some weapons are capable of puppeteering their keepers. Some garner so much destructive power they can not be controlled by anyone. With all of that being said, let’s focus in on the MCU and rank from strongest to weakest it’s top 15 most powerful weapons that we’ve seen in action, so far.

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0:00 Intro
1:08 Infinity Gauntlet
2:30 Stormbreaker
3:20 Chitauri Scepter
4:42 Twilight Sword
5:22 Mjolnir
6:28 Necroswords
7:35 Ten Rings
8:27 Iron Armor Suits
10:13 Thunderbolt
11:05 Hofund
11:58 Ebony Blade
12:54 Web Shooters
13:25 Captain’s Shields
14:02 Crescent Darts
14:50 Godslayer

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Written by: CCJ Gabriel @CCJdidit
Narrated by: John Aljets @BenderWaffles
Edited by: Taysum Nakaev

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