Movie Content Plus Video 15 Most Powerful Marvel Mutants Ranked

15 Most Powerful Marvel Mutants Ranked

It really, really sucks to be a mutant in the Marvel Universe.

On one hand, you may find yourself suddenly waking up one day with incredible powers like firing crazy energy blasts, moving stuff around with your mind, flying and having superstrength.

On the other hand, you may suddenly find your body horrifically changing into any number of grotesque new forms, or get saddled with “powers” that feel more like actual handicaps or disabilities, all at the whim of one random gene in your body.

And regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, the entire world will immediately rally against you, shun you and attempt to outright exterminate you, regardless of the fact that they practically worship plenty of other superpowered humans that simply happened to get their powers later through other means. It doesn’t seem fair because it isn’t, and no matter if you join the big fancy super team with the colorful uniforms or not, your life will never quite return to the way it was.

Although you’d think humanity would know better than to mock mutants when some of them get as powerful as the ones on this list.

Forget eye beams, flight and telekinesis. Try immortality, complete mastery over the molecules in your body or literally being able to weave the fabric of reality as you please. These are just some of the immense powers that some mutants have… and not all of them are stable enough to handle it, or take kindly to human persecution.


00:00 Intro
00:37 Hope Summers
01:39 Bishop
02:29 Cable
03:47 Storm
04:50 Iceman
05:52 Kid Omega
06:36 Legion
07:39 Magneto
08:30 Jean Grey
09:15 Vulcan
10:18 Selene
11:30 Charles Xavier / Onslaught
12:48 Jamie Braddock
13:46 Mr. M
14:42 Apocalypse

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