Movie Content Plus Video 15 MCU Trailer Moments That Fooled Everyone

15 MCU Trailer Moments That Fooled Everyone


There are sooo many instances of the Marvel machine pumping out trailers for their big, baller superhero epics and just plain lying to the audience to keep up their secrets. Probably the biggest example of Marvel just plain screwing with our expectations is in the trailer for Avengers Infinity War. Off the top of my head, there’s a bunch of stones missing from the infinity gauntlet in a handful of shots, giving the viewer less context as to when the hell Thanos’ fight with Cap is supposed to take place and whether Thanos has achieved his goal. Another shot suggests the Hulkbuster armor is maybe in need of repair, which is not the case and either way it never shows up in the movie. There’s also a whole bunch of eyepatches to ensure no one gets spoiled that Thor receives a cybernetic eye, which… OK. Lots of little stuff — like I guess they just wanted to surprise us or the effects weren’t done for Spider-Man’s swinging sequence on Titan, where he has his cool spider-legs and Mantis in tow in the final film. The shot of Shuri is different, and OF COURSE the big one, the one that really drove people crazy and was arguably more shocking than Thanos wiping out half of all living beings: this shot of Hulk running with everyone else in Wakanda is completely fabricated to make us think Hulk appears in the film past the opening sequence.

In the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer, we get a shot of Spidey in his normal suit, designed by Tony Stark… but in the final film we get a DIFFERENT Stark suit, the Iron Spider variant. This is I guess meant to not spoil Endgame, which… sure. I feel like just the act of Far From Home existing before Endgame premiered kinda spoils things either way, but what do I know? I work for a YouTube channel, and Kevin Feige is rich enough to own whole countries.

0:00 – Intro
0:27 Infinity War’s Superhero Run
1:41 Spidey’s Normal Suit
2:11 Fit Thor
2:54 Spidey & Iron Man
3:35 Topless Gamora
4:23 Thor’s Eye
5:01 Darren Cross Replaces Falcon
6:05 The Mandarin
7:53 Age of Ultron
8:53 King Loki

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