15 Hidden Spider-Man Suit Abilities You Probably Didn’t Know

Superheroes go through costumes like the rest of us (hopefully) go through toothbrushes, but there ‘s more to it than just a desire for some new duds… well, sometimes, at least. Even Superheroes wanna spruce up their fashion to keep up with the times every now and then, you know?

In Peter Parker’s case, he’s always had a knack for building advanced features into his superhero suits. After all, this is the kid who began his career by inventing web fluid and web shooters that allowed him to swing freely through New Cork City and snatch up criminals left and right, but that is only the beginning. Then came the Spider-Signal. And the gliding. And the specialized lenses. And the invisibility. And the… do you see where we’re going with this?

With six decades of superheroics under his belt and friendships with a lot of the sharpest super-scientific minds in the entire Marvel Universe, Spidey’s wardrobe has been filled to the brim with suits that serve just about every purpose and include just about every kind of weapon or defense against just about any kind of supervillain you can imagine.

Whether he needs to armor up against particularly trigger happy gunmen, require special webbing or need to put in some earplugs, there are very few things that Spider-Man isn’t prepared for at this point. And that’s why we’re going to take a peek at just some of the massive amount of lovely toys he’s packed his outfit with all this time. Prepare to suffer massive tech-envy – some of this stuff gets REALLY wild!

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00:00 Intro
00:29 Utility belt
01:20 Spider-Signal
02:14 Gliding
03:15 Invisibility
04:22 Anti-Hypnotic Lenses
05:06 Anti-Sonic Earpieces
06:00 Detachable Parts
06:43 Oxygen Tank
07:33 Bulletproofing
08:39 Magnetic Webs
09:36 Audio/Visual Enhancements
10:35 The Pink Hippo App
11:29 Acid and Concrete Webbing
12:39 Fireproofing
13:36 Poison Antidotes

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Written by: Bjarke “Esh” Johansen @esh_ficaddict
Narrated by: Bjarke “Esh” Johansen @esh_ficaddict
Edited by: Bjarke “Esh” Johansen @esh_ficaddict

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