Movie Content Plus Video 15 Cosmic Villains Even Stronger Than Kang

15 Cosmic Villains Even Stronger Than Kang

When you have conquered all of time and space and think that there are no more worlds to conquer but the ones that different versions of you have it might be easy to think that you’re the baddest there is. In fact, Kang is so obsessed with how bad he is that he dragged a man writing a book about Doctor Doom on adventures so he could prove that Doctor Doom has nothing on him. And that’s not even Kang’s worst case of hubris. In an attempt to impress his teenage self, the young version became so repelled that he strapped on the armor of one of Kang’s greatest foe and teamed up with the children of his other greatest foes to form a new team just to stop his adult self. If you end up disgusting even yourself, that’s pretty bad. But try as he might he is not the strongest villain bopping about the cosmos of the Marvel Universe. Just the list of beings of unimaginable power where you wouldn’t even know where to begin to classify their strength. Who is going to stop Knull and ask him how much he can bench? Do you measure the strength of someone like the High Evolutionary in terms of raw lifting power or his ability to lift species through their entire evolutionary cycle? When Galactus is eating the life force of your entire planet is the fact that he can pin you with one hand matter all that much? Here are a handful of beings occupying the cosmos of Marvel that would take Kang’s lunch money. Who else would you put on this list? Let us know in the comments and while you’re there be sure to like and subscribe for the latest in your inbox.


0:00 Intro
0:40 Galactus
2:05 Beyonder
3:04 Ego the Living Planet
4:17 Knull
5:45 Thanos
6:49 Black WInter
7:49 Beyonder
8:51 High Evolutionary
9:58 Chthon
10:38 Annilus
11:36 Overmind
12:23 Michael Korvac
13:13 The Phoenix Force
14:05 The Goblin Force

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