13 MCU Villains That Never Met Their True Potential

What is a superhero without supervillains to fight?

Once the genre got out of its initial roots of having its various caped crusaders and men of steel mostly dealing with local racketeers, corrupt business tycoons or the odd foreign spy, writers soon realized that they needed proper opponents with power and ambition to match their own. Thus came the supervillains, and soon enough they became just as essential a part of the genre as the outside-underwearing square jawed heroes.

With some of these characters having been around for decades, they have been passed back and forth between many writers and adapted for various media and thus have grown surprisingly multifaceted or infamous, with many an impressive feat in their bag when it comes to dealing with all those pesky heroes.

So it’s a shame that that doesn’t always translate to the screen.

Not even the biggest action franchise of the modern day is immune to stumbling along the way when adapting some of comicdom’s many, many costumed baddies. Some get scaled down, some get changed a little too much and others just don’t manage to live up their own hype. And we’re going to take a look at some of the offenders in this video – be they simply presented as too weak, or not having much to do with their source of inspiration anymore.

These can’t possibly be all of them though, so if you know of any we didn’t consider, please tell us about them. Every bad guy deserves a proper showing, after all.

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00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Taskmaster
01:44 – Red Skull
02:44 – Crossbones
03:44 – Baron Von Strucker
04:45 – Malekith the Accursed
06:05 – Ultron
07:17 – Flag-Smasher
08:18 – The Power Broker
09:28 – Klaw
10:36 – Yellowjacket
11:43 – Dweller-In-The-Darkness
12:41 – Molten Man
13:46 – Hydro-Man

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Written by: Bjarke “Esh” Johansen @esh_ficaddict
Narrated by: Bjarke “Esh” Johansen @esh_ficaddict
Edited by: Bjarke “Esh” Johansen @esh_ficaddict

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