12 Things You Missed In The Man From Toronto

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The Man from Toronno is an explosion packed big budget action film with one shot combat sequences and unique fight choreography served on a platter of comedy starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson. Watching these characters intertwine is as funny as the story that inspired the premise and the film’s actors are as macho as the characters they play. Within its two hour run time we see an array of hitmen with swords, axes, and even chainsaws in a world so full of life we are left begging to see more of it. And we might just get to because there are already rumors of the Man from Toronno making a crossover with another buddy action movie franchise. But before we get to that I’m gonna give you behind the scenes and hidden details because this is 12 things you missed in the Man from Toronno.


00:00 Intro
00:39 Fried Durian
01:26 The Man from Texas
02:16 Self Expression
03:04 Not on Location
03:52 The Man from Midland
04:38 Low-Toner Situation
05:29 Cineplex
06:20 Big Budget
07:11 Man from ‘Toronno’
08:00 80 km from Nowhere
08:47 Off-Screen Haircut
09:37 Crossover Event

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Written by: Jon McWilliams
Narrated by: Jon McWilliams
Edited by: Jon McWilliams

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