12 Strongest Versions Of Thanos Ranked

The Mad Titan is one of the most fearsome beings in the entire Marvel Universe. Over the years he’s proven why he’s one of the best villains our heroes have ever faced thanks to his passion, his dedication to his goals and his ruthlessness. It’s not hard to fathom Thanos taking over the entire universe. And while we all mostly know the main Marvel universe version of Thanos and his MCU counterpart, I thought it would be fun today to discuss the strongest different versions of Thanos that we’ve seen.

Sometimes in alternate universes, Thanos acquires objects of immense power like the Astral Regulator Thanos, the Heart of the Universe Thanos or the Thanos from the U.S. Avengers storyline where he had mini cosmic cubes in his gauntlets. Sometimes, the writers get a little wild and do things like create Thanoseid, which is an amalgamation of Darkseid and Thanos which you know is just bad news for everyone. And sometimes you just see alternate future versions of Thanos that have won like King Thanos. Overall the point is that Thanos comes in all shapes and sizes across the Marvel Multiverse and I thought it would be fun today to discuss some of the strongest, the best, and the most interesting.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Astral Regulator Thanos
1:51 U.S. Avengers Thanos
3:00 Heart of The Universe Thanos
3:49 Omega
4:45 Thanoseid
5:49 Ultimate Thanos
6:48 King Thanos
7:41 Poisoned Thanos
8:33 MCU Thanos
9:41 Avengers Thanos
10:33 Cancerverse Thanos
11:15 Captain America Thanos

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