12 Strongest Hulk Villains We Haven’t Seen In The MCU (Yet)

Name someone’s villains who get more smashed than the Hulk’s. The green mean fighting machine may not have the more popular rogues gallery, especially when it comes to people like Batman and Spiderman, but if they’re going up against the Hulk they are likely some of the most powerful. To take a punch from this jolly green giant is an impressive feat, given that most of his punches could knock over buildings. From Beasts to brains, The Hulk’s villains definitely know how to take him head on or at least exploit his weaknesses. Let’s take a look at some Hulk villains who have yet to appear in the MCU right now.

There have been hints to several villains from the comics in the MCU, and heck sometimes there have been full blown appearances. However, they tend to leave out the villain part and therefore we don’t count those. One antagonist who has appeared several times throughout the MCU, just not in his full glory is Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross. Betty Ross does in the comics go on to become a really mean version of the Red Hulk, but before that Betty Ross became a villain known as Harpy. Some of the coolest villains share their comic history with actual history. These villains can all certainly take a punch, and given that the amount of hulks in the MCU are about to double, they’re going to need that. Which of these villains do you hope appears in the MCU? Be sure to like, subscribe, and your answer, otherwise you can choose between fighting the hulk and having to share a bathroom with him. Dude doesn’t like pants.

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Red Hulk
1:47 The Leader
2:50 The Maestro
3:50 Bi-Beast
4:52 Zzzax
5:51 The Wendigo
6:40 Tyrannus
7:28 Goldbug
8:15 Moonstone
9:13 Missing Link
10:13 Harpy
11:12 Glob

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Edited by: Ali H.

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