Movie Content Plus Video 12 Multiverse Villains We Could See In MCU

12 Multiverse Villains We Could See In MCU

The multiverse is a concept about which we know frighteningly little.

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe barrels forward towards their adaptation of Secret Wars, I think it’s safe to say that we’re going to be introduced to some pretty wild characters from across the Multiverse, especially villains. Sure, it’s fun to see variants of our favorite heroes (like Tobey and Andrew in No Way Home or Mister Fantastic in Multiverse of Madness), but I’m particularly excited to meet some Multiversal Villains for our heroes to go up against.

Marvel Comics has tons of Multiverse-hopping villains that could show up in the MCU, like Deadpool, Thundra, Arno Stark and more, so let’s quit wasting time and take a look at some of them right now. Thanks for watching this video! If you enjoy it, please consider leaving a like and subscribing to the channel. Let us know in the comments below which Multiversal Villains you’d like to see show up in the MCU!



0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Deadpool
1:32 – The Maker
2:47 – Mysterio
3:58 – Kang (and his Variants)
5:08 – Thundra
6:38 – Maestro
7:59 – Justice Peace
9:15 – Venom
11:00 – Korvac
11:59 – Arno Stark
13:13 – Marquis of Death
14:08 – King Loki

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