10 Weirdest X-Men That We Need In The MCU

Oh those filthy mutants! With their… looking exactly like regular, extremely attractive humans! And their superpowers that… really aren’t all that different from any power any other average non-mutant superhero we love might have! How dare they!


Yeah, for as much of a very real problem as irrational hatred is, the concept of the X-Men “protecting a world that fears and hates them” can ring a little hollow in a world where plenty of other superpowered beings exist and are adored. It can’t ALL come down to one single term, and with so many of the X-Men looking like your standard superhero team, it can be hard to take it all seriously at times.

So it’s a good thing there are some much more bizarre mutants in the comics that you can absolutely imagine people reacting so negatively to.

Whether their mutation gives them stranger and more destructive than usual powers or make them look like strange monstrosities, some mutants aren’t lucky enough to just look like a gruff, handsome dude with claws or have an excuse to constantly wear cool designer shades. Some look like chickens, constantly expose their guts, are always on fire… the X-gene is a real crapshoot like that.

And with the X-Men likely to enter the MCU very soon, it seems about time for Marvel to take some risks and step away from the most obvious members in favor of some of the stranger ones, to really sell the idea that these people would get so widely hated… and eres’ a couple of suggestions for which ones that could be.

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00:00 – Intro
00:32 – Marrow
01:31 – Chamber
02:27 – Maggott
03:20 – Beak
02:24 – No-Girl and Ernst
05:33 – Evangeline Whedon
06:40 – Glob Herman
07:39 – Eye-Boy
08:31 – Goldballs
09:34 – Sauron

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